Classic interior design


Enduring splendor of the classics

Classicism is considered to be timeless, not losing its relevance and not subject to fleeting the fashion styles. Classicism in architecture is seen as a tribute to the ancient standards of beauty and perfection of forms in architecture. For centuries they have continued to fascinate and conquer the hearts of customers worldwide. Cornerstones of classicism may fit well into the design of the mansion or luxury apartments, giving the sense of harmony, restraint and rectilinear forms to its owners, while the symmetry and simplicity are considered to be popular and relevant for a long time. That is why modern classic styles in the interior keep on constantly gaining new admirers. Design project of any interior successfully implemented in classical style is the so-called “litmus test” which defines professionals in the sphere of architecture and design. The fact is that an understanding of this style, as well as the ability to implement the knowledge and principles of architecture towards it, are considered as a mandatory basis which will be subsequently chosen by the designer for his further career, regardless of the style. Any classic design of the office or of the country house may include the following styles: Neoclassicism, Empire, Art Nouveau, Baroque and Gothic.


Classics that we admire

In our collection of interiors we do have many projects for luxury apartments, houses, mansions, that were performed by professionals who “were brought up” by classicism. All classic interiors of our portfolio are accompanied by professional advisory that demonstrates all the charm of this style, including:

  • fundamentally accurate geometrical shapes,
  • solid decorative elements (such as stucco or gold)
  • noble materials – wood and marble.


When classics should be applied?

Classic interior design may be relevant not only when making the project of the private country houses and estates, but in public areas as well. Self-respecting companies and bank offices, as well as any other financial institutions often use classic interiors to highlight their reliability, respectability and stability of the banking business. The fact is that classicism is considered as a style that has been checked by time throughout the history. Nowadays the most unique and impressive examples of classic interior in various rooms and spaces appear quiet often, and are performed mostly often by the leading designers and architects. Luxury apartments may appear in many different forms, and may look more exclusive and unique when the classic design is implemented rather than with the interior, designed in hi-tech style. Upgraded Classics organically reflects the national character of the housing spaces or public areas, and can be supplemented with non ordinary materials, while maintaining the “meaning” of style. Classics emphasizes the splendor of any interior. That is why is has been the leading design trend for centuries.