Interior design of private houses


The best classical and palace interiors for private houses or mansions

One of the focus areas used in architectural studio by Tatyana Boronina is to create the interior design of mansions or country houses. In order to complete the full picture of the house or the mansion it is necessary that both – interior and exterior would have the same design style. Our team of designers and architects have been creating the best classical and palace interiors of country houses, mansions and estates for years. It is essential that architects and designers who are working on the design project of the house understand the life philosophy of its future owner. The architecture and the interior of the house should reflect the personality of its owner, his/her tastes and status. Thus the palace style of interiors is a «so to say» verification of the high status, expression of the desire to follow the cultural and historical traditions. Classic interior can be presented by numerous styles, that include the Empire, English style and Art Nouveau. In this regard, the architect and the customer should define the style of the future house, that would fully reflect his/her ideas about architecture and design, in advance.

Comfort and harmony within the interior of a country house

The house is considered to be an extension of the person himself as well as the reflection of his/her status, tastes, the nature and the largeness of the soul. Luxury interior design of the house offers great opportunities required for the realization of the dreams and wishes of the client while planning the design and implementing of the project of the dream house.
That is why the interior design of a private house is so important from the very first stages.

Special features of interiors of private elite houses and mansions

First of all, our designers and architects will provide the sketches of the interior made in 3D computer graphics. After having discussions with the client, we have an opportunity to start developing a project that will combine the wishes of the customer and professionalism of the designer.
This will give rise to unique author’s architectural design, which will reflect the individual characteristics of the client implemented in the interior. Given the number of modern materials available, the project of your house will be able to bring in originality even in the most conservative architectural styles.

Implementation of traditions

It is worth talking about interior design of elite mansions that require attention even to the smallest details; to the traditions of the customer’s family as well as all the countryside inhabitants’ character. Your home will become more comfortable only when all things precious to your heart will have the right places inside the house. Family photos on the fireplace, pictures tributing to our ancestors will coexist harmoniously with handmade carpets. It’s no secret that a well-chosen interior of a country house is not just a set of unique design elements, but is primarily your comfort and coziness, that tend to make our lives more pleasant.  However, a well-prepared, well-formed project necessary for creating the interior design of the house is a difficult task, that cannot be performed by everyone. The important thing is that any space, whether is it a non-residential area, a bathroom, a laundry room or an attic, it will always be an integral part of the house architecture referring to some extent to the soul of the customer as well. That is why, when creating a high elite design it is necessary to adhere to the chosen style, that will take into consideration the space of a country house in future.

In order to create a detailed design project of the house interior it is necessary to:

  • Explore all of the features of everyday life and wishes of the customer at all levels: from materials to family traditions and habits;
  • In his/her turn, professional architect will be able to create the design project of the house based on this information for its further implementation.

After all, in order to perfectly recreate the most daring and unusual wishes of the client, designers should have enough skills and experience that will allow to play with a variety of architectural styles, for instance, classical and palace designs. These combinations are usually the key elements for harmony and comfort achievement.