Palace style interior design

Modernly framed classic luxury

Palace design in the interior is considered to be one of the most conservative and expensive styles used in decoration of houses and premises. The palatial architecture uses the elements of such styles as the Empire, Classicism, Baroque and Rococo. This style is characterized by elegance and even so-to-say grandiosity since it originates in the mists of time (fourteenth – fifteenth century approximately). That epoch was represented by pompous rituals, time of lords, kings and noble knights. The deliberate nobleness does not demolish the beauty or the splendor of this stunning style, that has been highly appreciated till today.

Unique features of modern palace interiors

  • Modern palace interiors should follow almost all the classical canons, as well as the rules established in terms of this style.
  • The key decor elements of such interiors are still able to surprise with their authenticity and sophisticated splendor.
  •  “Luxury” can be considered as a key word for the palace epoch. Luxury in particular is the main difference and advantage of the palace design.

Most of the materials, attributes and accessories used not only look respectable, but can be truly considered the subjects of high art. For example, expensive drapes, large crystal chandeliers and other similar elements of luxury can be used in the design of an estate.

Palace style in the interior may be created not only for comfort but for aesthetic pleasure as well. Therefore, many companies tend to order these kind of interiors for their offices in order to demonstrate respectability. Moreover, this style gives positive emotions to the visitors.

Details of interiors in palace style

Careful attention should be paid to the furniture, as even in the «palace» epoch it was considered as one of the most important attributes of the castles. At this point, the master-carpenters work with high-quality materials, like pine, cedar, acacia, oak, larch and beech. If you want to create a palace style interior in luxury apartment or a country house, our professionals will offer you only environmentally friendly and, therefore, not cheap materials, that will look indeed respectably and aristocratically. Only they are able to create the mood of splendor in the interior. Decorative painting and ceiling ornaments can be used in the design of walls. The color scheme that matches the historical trends of the palace interior is based mostly on pastel colors. That is the reason why the interiors of this style are usually designed in similar colors. The combination of luxurious materials with expensive furnishings and the width of the space makes it possible to create truly a masterpiece. A masterpiece of the palace interior.