Interior Design of Elite Apartments


Architecture and interior design of luxury apartments

Our architectural studio will help to create a luxury interior design for your apartment or offices. The team consisting of the best designers and architects will find exclusive solutions for your living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. The main feature of modern luxury apartments is a combination of the high technology and a variety of architectural styles. Classic design of luxury apartments has been «on-the-point» for all times, at the same time a bold fresh and more innovative approach should take place while creating the project.The combination of styles as an option to develop interior design of luxury apartments is in trend again. Thus, we can find bright accents – which can be furniture elements in Empire style, in a conservative interior design of elite apartments performed in minimalistic style; classics meet modernity and other miracles of design occur with the help of our experts. The architectural studio by Boronina Tatiana has created numerous vip interiors. We got a lot of awards for the “Best Interiors” performed in classical style.

You deserve excellence

While creating comfort for your own apartment, people are guided by their personal views and opinions, and their own preferences and general attitude. Everyone understands that only aesthetic and comfortable home environment can keep the harmony, improve health and mood.
And we help to implement these preferences and desires into your life to make it more comfortable and easy in your new or renovated home.
Due to the great variety of styles available, it is easy to create a perfect and exclusive interior design of the elite apartment. You only need to follow some specific rules.

  •  A qualified designer will help you to find the desired balance between the graceful beauty and practical functionality; between fashion and style.
  • Interior design of the apartment is not only a combination of colors and styles in the room, – it can also express the life philosophy of the customer, his/her preferences and personality.
  • Modern luxury interior design of apartments, created by experts in their field, can astonish by its uniqueness and diversity.

Special features of luxury apartments design

A decent selection of construction materials available at the moment, as well as application of innovative technologies and limitless imagination of professional designers will transform any home into a truly paradise place with an elite interior design. Just a little effort and your apartment may be the epitome of style, nobility, grace and elegance. Experts can also design the interior of your apartment so that it will become an extension of the interior of a country house, so that both of them will be performed in the same style and would match the customer’s conceptualization about comfort and luxury. While maintaining all the advantages of an each separate room, the designers will divide an apartment into special areas, will bring in a highlight to the interior, and try to please the customer with new forms, textures and fresh colors. If you are ready to change your apartment in accordance with an individual project of interior design, there are two possible directions: you can buy a ready-made design project, which was previously used, and then we will only have to adapt it to your understanding of comfort; or you can order an exclusive interior design of apartments, that will express your individuality in each detail, and be unique.

Everything is possible!
Your fantasy is the only limit to interior design of the apartments.