Architectural design of countryside estates and private houses

Architectural design is one of the most important steps towards creation of a flawless structure. One of the major architectural difficulties that emerges during the design of
private houses and mansions is to create a unique and at the same time convenient building in terms of the architectural planning. Architectural planning includes conceptual design, preliminary design, the formation of space-planning decisions, the working design project, architectural part, etc. Exclusive design, architecture and house interior is made based on the designer’s drawings, – we create windows, doors, stairs and other elements exclusively for every customer. Manual work is highly appreciated while creating the luxurious palace interiors. We use silk and marble, red wood and ebony, moldings and chandeliers, that match the samples of the Louvre and the Hermitage.
Our studio works in a variety of styles, planning unique design and architectural projects of the mansions and estates, where every detail has its own specific meaning and the necessary emphasis. No matter whether you prefer classic design or luxury and palace interiors, architects and designers of our studio will find the best solution and create a truly exclusive design project.

We make your dreams about home come true!

The architectural project is a part of the documentation for the construction and design of the mansions. The project has to meet a number of engineering and functional
requirements regardless of the size and features of the house. An architectural design of countryside estates and private mansions can be developed as a part of the project in whole, or as a separate independent stage of the design. This type of design is also named as the architectural and urban planning solution, which is subject to approval by the relevant authorities of urban architecture and city planning.

Project designs of mansions and estates.

Preparation of design documents for a country house is usually developed based on the client’s preferences. However, these preferences do not always match the technical and architectural possibilities, so the best option should be selected in accordance with the basic requirements for documentation on the land for construction itself or on the already finished mansion or estate, which can be changed throughout the project. Our specialists will plan the architectural design of the private houses, mansions or
estates for either new building, or the one under reconstruction.

We guarantee!
We do guarantee that increased attention will be paid to every single project regardless of its scope, and that the best designers and architects would be involved to make sure that the future project would fully satisfy not only the client, but also the requirements of permits.

Creative solutions

Talking about the establishment of creative projects of mansions and estates, – this can only be implemented in cooperation with both: the designer and the client. Many
people buy ready-made projects for their future country houses. This will save your money, however, will not always satisfy all your wishes and requirements. That is why we only develop unique creative projects, taking into consideration all the preferences of customers. We will also ensure that all the engineering design works will be done in
advance in order to:

  • examine the territory where the project is planned to be based;
  • conduct additional research on the geology of the territory;
  • check the possibility of further gathering of all necessary documentation.

In addition to the actions listed above, we will also collect all the necessary permits, and will provide further preparation for implementation of the design project to the full extent as well as realization of specific technical features. We are doing all this to make sure your dreams of a perfect house come true!